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Outsourced Website Maintenance - Cape Town

webFOX provides an outsourcing service for web site maintenance to clients in the Cape Town area. We specialise in linux, apache, mySQL PHP (LAMPS) systems. We will consider maintenance contracts to support medium sized web applications which would typically have upwards of 20 tables, a payment gateway, email functionality and a shopping cart or a service provision facility.

Why outsource web site maintenance?

Free up critical resources. The web designer and development resources may be required for new projects.

Poor service. Web designers and developers often find maintenance less exciting than new projects. If you are are experiencing poor support for your existing site consider negotiating an outsourcing agreement. This way you can retain their good will for future projects.

Management of the content creation and publishing process You can set up a process using copy writers for the regular publishing of fresh interesting content.

You have security issues. If you have security issues relating to data or hacking consider outsourcing the maintenance of your site.

Why is regular web site maintenance necessary?

New Technology. Browsers are constantly being updated with new technology . The new technology might cause an unmaintened site to malfunction or simply look outdated.

Quality Assurance. Mistakes involving spelling, grammar or the accuracy of content need to be corrected quickly to protect the credibility of your web site. Less obvious faults such as broken links or missing metadata could affect the ranking of your web site.

To monitor the performance of your web site. The availability of servers, site traffic and Pay-per-click campaigns need to be monitored at least once per week. Any unexplained anomalies in web site traffic needs to be investigated and brought to the attention of the client.

Content Management. Up-to-date and relevant content is essential for creating an interest in your site. Special offers and competitions will boost traffic on your site.

Web site Reviews. For all but the smallest sites, webFox recommends a monthly site review with their clients.

When should you update your web site site?

New Products or services have been launched. Your web site must reflect your latest products and prices.

Re-organization of your company. Make sure that you company information is up to date and that contact information is relevant.

Media releases. Most visitors would expect to find the latest media releases about your company on your web site

Competitors are affecting your business. Competitor web sites have been re-optimised and have new competitive products. You are losing site visitors and sales are affected. Search engine optimisation and new content is needed to win back your ranking with search engines.

Legal Compliance. New laws have been introduced which affect the advertising, packaging or distribution of your product or service. Your customers need to know that you are compliant.

Add New Functionality. New functionality such as online shopping or making the site more mobile friendly might become a requirement.

A Fresh Look is required. Your business or products have been re-branded or your web site has not been updated for a long while, it looks tired. It may now be the time to redesign your web site.

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