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webFOX has been building mobile web applications since 2006. We specialise upgrading existing sites to be more mobile friendly, and developing mobile web applications. webFOX is based in Cape Town.

Mobile Web Applications

Mobile Web Application Development

Mobile Web App or Mobile Application. Why develop for Android, BlackBerry, and iPhone when you can develop once using HTML5?

Operating Systems and Browsers. The desktop environment is limited three OS's (Windows, Linux ans Mac) and four popular browsers (Internet Exporer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome). The mobile smartphone and tablet environment has a large number of OS's and browsers which are evolving much faster than their desktop cousins. Mobile devices are leading the way in the adoption of the HTML5 standard.

Screen Resolution. Screen resolution on a mobile internet device can vary trom 180 pixels upto 800 pixels. Websites need to adapt the layouts to cater for the varying screen widths .

Web Page Loading Mobile web browsers are generally are much slower in loading web pages. However the introduction of faster mobile data links such as HSDPA is likely to change this. Memory constrants also have an impact the the maximum size a mobile web page can be.

Cookie support not Guaranteed. Mobile web applications should be designed to work without cookies and sessions.

Mobile web users are different.

Click to call and SMS. Mobile web applications have a advantage over the desktop because the can deliver a customer action response via SMS or a telephone call. A properly designed mobile website will have a clean design free of distractions and will be easy to navigate using a mobile browser. It has a call to action and a action option.

Captive user. Mobile brower visitors are often on trains, at airports or stuck in a waiting room with time on their hands and they are frustrated. Alternatively their work situation might not provide them with easy access to desktop. Mobile web visitors are more likely to respond to the first website which meets ther needs.

Mobile users needs are more urgent. The mobile user often has a specific need which is urgent. They might need phone numbers, directions to your premise, medical support while away from home or need to have flowers delivered to mother law.

Reference: PathCare

PathCare Mobile Application

John Gower was contacted by PathCare from September to December 2008 to create a new web site for access by PDA / Smart phone users.

Technologies used included PHP, MySQL, Smarty Templates and adaptation to cater for a range of mobile devices. The solution proved to be reliable and was well received by the end user test team.

John preformed the task on time and to specification. He was required to interact extensively with the in house team which he did with great professionalism.

The product has been in pilot phase for the last 3 months and has now been commissioned into our live environment. It has been well received by the medical community.

Frank Peart
I.T. Manager: PathCare (N1 City, Goodwood)
21st April 2009

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