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webFOX develops web applications for medium sized business and specialises in database and mobile applications. webFOX is first and foremost a web business solutions solution provider and is based in Cape Town.

Website Development

The webFOX web development process

webFOXs web development process is adapted to suit each customers preferred level of involvement. The webFOX web site development process entails the following steps:

Web Site Specification. webFOX establishes client requirements for the web site by leading a discussion which covers purpose, goals, target audience, design guidelines and budget for the web site. If required, Software Requirement Specifications with UML diagrams will be written in order to obtain quotes.

Web Site Design. webFOX will present a web site design proposal for approval. webFOX strives from the very outset to design a web site with a high visibility and appeal to your target audience, and also to elicit the desired response from them. Page layouts and search engine optimisation (SEO) is a key aspect which webFOX considers during the web site design phase, and not as an opportunity to raid your wallet later.

Web Development. Design of web page layouts, developing the content which includes copy writing, images and graphics, and coding. webFOX business solutions are based on LAMPS (Linux, Apache, MySQL PHP) technology. webFOX technical expertise has evolved around the Codeigniter framework which allows us to focus on providing a fast reliable online business solution.

Web Site Testing and Deployment. webFOX will test, validate and fine tune the web site to ensure that the web site delivers consistent results to your target audience across a range of browser platforms. Once the web site is uploaded to the live host, some fine tuning will be required to ensure that it meets design goals in the face of competition.

Web Site Maintenance and Support Services. webFOX provides an ongoing service to ensure that your investment continues to deliver results by continuously adapting for emerging competition, new browser technology, and changes to your business model, products and services. A website upgrade might also be necessary to cater for mobile visitors or to add a shopping cart solution.

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